1. You know what’s an amazing feeling? Rediscovering an album! #mydecember is a great album because it’s an honest album. None of this manufactured nonsense. Honest feelings on the lyrics and in the vocal delivery. #kellyclarkson

  2. I had such a lovely day at the #oceansidepier today

  3. Pretty obsessed with this oil cleanser. I’ve never had such amazing results. Definitely a must if you have dry skin. #garnieroilcleanser

  4. It’s. So. Beautiful.

  5. Exploring while I wait for my train back home #orangecounty #missionviejo

  6. Please tell I’m not crazy for thinking this is funny? #pandora #darude #sandstorm #lyrics #lol #dundundunboom

  7. Why is Harry so sexy tho #harrystyles


  8. Part of the reason I have trouble sleeping at night is that my roommate @narp89’s snoring sounds like a disgruntled hog readying to stampede into battle.

  9. A pitcher of margaritas to celebrate @sarac88 visiting us for the first time #thingswhitepeopledo

  10. At first I was like “What flavor is ‘currently chilling?’” #711 #slurpee